Gabrielle Brooks

Gabrielle is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified grief counselor. She enjoys working with collaboratively with clients to help them find their strengths and reach their goals. Gabrielle works with couples, families and individuals of all ages. She has experience working with mood disorders, personality disorders, sexual disorders, trauma and relationship problems. No matter what the problem is she will approach it systemically and look at the bigger picture.

Gabrielle is currently pursuing a doctorate in marriage and family therapy with a specialization in couples therapy from Northcentral University. Gabrielle is currently under the supervision of Dr. Tia Crooms, LMFT.

When Gabrielle is not working, she is spending time with her children and husband. She has a 10-year-old son and is lucky to be the bonus mom of another 10-year-old son. Gabrielle also is a proud pet parent to two rambunctious dogs. Gabrielle strongly believes in the importance of self-care and enjoys reading, playing video games and taking walks.

Gabrielle can be reached at 919-438-0906 or by email at gabby@migcounseling.com. Email is preferred to voicemail.

Gabrielle Brooks Family Therapist North Carolina

license number 12314A

I feel that my personal and professional experience allows me to connect and empathize with individuals and couples who might be dealing with the stress of marriage, military life, and chronic illness, including depression and anxiety. I have worked with families dealing with palliative and hospice care, helping to reduce stress and work through grief and related issues. - Michael Gisser, LMFT

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