Kikie DeGroat

Kikie DeGroat is a Marriage & Family Therapist Intern in her clinical practicum with National University. Specializing in couples counseling, Kikie has experience working with military families, families with disabilities, and individuals experiencing trauma through intimate relationship violence and sexual abuse.

Kikie is a professional Advocate and has worked as a DAVA & SAPR Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victims Advocate for the United States Military, providing trauma-informed, victim- centered crisis response.

Kikie has a passion for supporting couples and strengthening marriages as they navigate complex issues, working towards creating healthy and supportive relationships while empowering clients to embrace empathy and understanding towards their partner and themselves. Additionally, she has worked closely with families providing advocacy and counsel as they navigate challenges associated with neurodivergent disorders including intellectual disabilities, ADHD, and Autism. As a Registered Behavioral Technician, Kikie, uses ABA therapy to help families develop systems that support family functioning and well-being.

Work Philosophy

Kikie believes that we all have the capacity for change through growth and grace, and it is up to us to initiate and perpetuate our own evolution. Above all, Kikie believes that everyone deserves to feel seen, heard, valued, and understood. She strives to be a safe place for individuals to put down their guards and assess what they truly want out of their life and their relationships.

Kikie, champions for a culture of acceptance of self and others, she is passionate about helping you create the supportive and loving connections you aspire to have. Kikie works from a Systematic approach through Collaborative therapy and a Gottman Institute informed approach, integrating Strength-based perspectives, and utilizing mindfulness techniques.

Personal Interests

Kikie is a passionately curious individual, constantly striving to understand people, their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. She is interested in how people bond, their interactions, and the meaningfulness behind connectivity. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her husband and children finding adventures, doing a bit of car karaoke, reading, dancing, watching documentaries and going to standup comedy shows.

I feel that my personal and professional experience allows me to connect and empathize with individuals and couples who might be dealing with the stress of marriage, military life, and chronic illness, including depression and anxiety. I have worked with families dealing with palliative and hospice care, helping to reduce stress and work through grief and related issues. - Michael Gisser, LMFT

Client Testimonials

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