Neil Resnick

Whether you suffer from a diagnosable psychological disorder or have difficulty adjusting to situations or people in your life, my brand of psychotherapy can help. I will provide insight, guidance and support for dealing with the challenging events in your life. I offer a non-judgmental, safe, warm setting, where you can unburden yourself with a trusted person and feel heard and understood. The fit between a therapist and a client is paramount and I make every effort to bond and be present so I can deeply understand your circumstances.

As a husband and a father, I enjoy working with people at any place in their life or career. I personally return client calls within 24 hours and leave time in my schedule for same day appointments.

Call today to make an in-person or on-line appointment so you can start the journey of healing and make the changes that will help you live a more abundant and rewarding life.

Neil Resnick Family Therapist North Carolina

license number 2595

I feel that my personal and professional experience allows me to connect and empathize with individuals and couples who might be dealing with the stress of marriage, military life, and chronic illness, including depression and anxiety. I have worked with families dealing with palliative and hospice care, helping to reduce stress and work through grief and related issues. - Michael Gisser, LMFT

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